Our Values












At Montessori Minds our Mission & Values are to:

 Nurture, Enjoy, Grow and Flourish

Our vision:

 To free children’s fullest potential by providing engaging, real life learning experiences using a Montessori integrated curriculum alongside the EYFS










 At Montessori Minds we welcome all with kindness, respect and love

Our Nursery offers a homely, safe space which we tailor to our children’s individual needs and interests. We build secure, nurturing relationships with our children; essential for all to enjoy, grow and flourish. We ensure our children and staff are happy, loved, safe and feel at home. Our Montessori Minds family also take an active role in caring for the environment,  nature around us and supporting our local community.


Fun, stimulating learning environments

We believe children deserve beautiful, engaging environments with access to fun and exciting activities. Our teachers provide natural, real life learning experiences, which enable children to learn through play and enjoy activities linked to their individual interests.


We inspire and support each other to grow

We are role models to each other, supporting and encouraging our children to grow and free their fullest potential with us. We are continually reflecting, improving and learning from those around us, including our children; where we strive to consistently achieve the best possible outcomes for our children and teachers.


We have high aspirations for our Children and Teachers

We are committed to a culture of excellence with our children at the forefront of everything we do. We are highly passionate in ensuring each child and teacher with us has an opportunity to flourish and exceed at Montessori Minds Day Nursery. To ensure excellent standards across our curriculum we follow a Montessori integrated approach in addition to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum as well as many other researched theories and approaches to learning.

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