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Our Pets

Our Hens
Our three lovely hens hatched from eggs within an incubator at Montessori Minds in May 2021. Our children enjoy caring for and feeding our hens daily and appreciate the different personalities they hold. They have been named, Pinky, Bluey and Reddy by our children.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 20.13.41.png


African spurred tortoise (centrochelys sulcata)

Sahara is a frequent visitor to our nursery and enjoys the outdoors, eating plants and hiding. Sahara is very friendly and enjoys the company of young children and adults


Our children are enjoying Sahara's company and are keen to investigate!

Our aquariums

We have two aquariums. One is located in our Aria room and another in our Sapphire room. Our children are involved in setting up our aquariums, care and the feeding of fish. We encourage real life experiences by taking trips to our local pet shop, allowing children to explore new fish and choose additions to our fish family

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