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Frequently asked questions:


What hours are you open?

We open from 7am-7pm 51 weeks of the year (we close for one week over Christmas and Bank holidays).


Do you offer half days?

Our minimum sessions are full days.


What food will you be serving?

Our meals are freshly prepared each day from scratch by our Nursery Chef. Meals are healthy, fresh and balanced, in line with government guidelines and prepared on site in our nursery kitchen. Our kitchen has a 5 star rating.

We provide breakfast, lunch, pudding, tea and morning and evening snacks. Children have access to fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh water throughout the day.

Do you accept vouchers/ how much do you charge?

Our nursery fees are calculated monthly and depend on your child's age/ days of attendance. We accept tax free childcare, childcare vouchers, student finance bursaries and funding for 2/ 3 year olds. (15 hour/ 30 hour funding).  


What sort of activities will my child be doing?

In addition to following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we follow a Montessori integrated approach. We plan children's activities according to their individual interests and next steps, whereby we encourage children to learn through fun and play through various activities such as:


Creative play- making playdough, moulding clay, arts and crafts, painting

Role play- cooking, dressing up, people who help us

Outdoor play- planting, caring for plants and nature, water and sand play, mud kitchens

Trips and outings- visiting our local park, library visits, visiting our local elderly home, exploring wildlife, looking after our environment

Montessori activities- continent globes, pouring and transferring, geometric solids, sandpaper letters

Mathematics and literacy- exploring objects and shapes, number and letter formation, phonics, reading, rhyme and songs


What is Montessori?

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. The Montessori method uses natural, real life materials and experiences for children to explore, and also supports children to be independent and follow their interests. Maria Montessori's educational method is used today in many public and private schools throughout the world and many studies have shown improved outcomes for children accessing Montessori education.


Do you have an outdoor area for the children?

We have an outdoor garden area for the children and our local park (Lodge Farm Park) less than one minute walk away. Children will have access to the garden area daily. 


How many children will be in my childs room? 

Our baby/ toddler rooms (Saajan and Aria rooms) consist of 18 children in total, our toddler and preschool room (Sapphire room) can take 16 children. We are registered for 34 children in total.


How many members of staff will be looking after my child?

Our staff ratios are:

1 teacher: 3 babies (under 2 years) 

1 teacher: 4 toddlers (2 years)

1 teacher: 8 preschoolers (over 2 years)


My child has an allergy/ additional need.  Can you cater for this?

We welcome all families to our nursery and support our children with allergies and dietary requirements. We have support measures in place for children with disabilities and special educational needs.


Do you allow for a settling in period?

We offer a complimentary settling in period over 3 days before your child starts with us. The first settling in period will consist of completing paperwork alongside parents/carers to gather as much information about your child to support the initial settling in days.


How are fees taken?

Fees are paid in advance on the 1st of each month by BAC transfer.


Is there a registration fee?

There is a registration fee of £50. A fully refundable deposit of £200 fees is required, this is deducted from your child's last month with us.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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