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What do our families say about Montessori Minds?

Review by Sangeeta K (mother of child):


This nursery is amazing! The care and attention for the children is unparalleled in Havering.


A true gentle Montessori style setting with a team that is passionate about care- where else can you get this alongside organic food, filtered water and a gentle caring ethos. 


The manager is passionate and unwavering in her ambition for the nursery. Everything is held at a high standard with the children's wellbeing squarely at the centre. Every decision made is rooted in grounded theory and experience. I feel safe and comfortable leaving my child in their care.


All staff are friendly, approachable and happily adapt to the needs of the child/family.

The equipment and toys are all natural. Every care is taken to ensure that the setting/furniture/equipment all reflect the ethos of the nursery.

The opening times are very convenient (7am - 7pm) so the days when I need to get to work earlier or am running late aren't too much of a problem. 

My daughter and niece absolutely love it there!


How likely would you be to recommend Montessori Minds Day Nursery?

Extremely Likely

Review by Colette B (mother of child:)


Having looked around most nursery’s in Havering, I can confidently say this is by far the most welcoming and caring environment we found.

The place itself is set up beautifully with wonderful Montessori toys and materials.

The staff are so attentive and genuinely very caring and cater for your child’s individual needs.
It’s home from home for our little girl. They go that ‘extra mile’, from the wonderful home cooked food to the experiences and activities they arrange.

I could not recommend them more!

How likely would you be to recommend Montessori Minds Day Nursery? 

Extremely Likely

Review by Georgiana R (mother of child:)


This is the best nursery in Havering. It might even be the best in Essex.


They are new but the owners are very experienced in childcare and you can see that through the care and attention to detail.


I was very nervous to start my child in the nursery as she has been with me all day every day for 2 years but they have put my mind at ease and even though I might be a bit annoying calling and asking how she is, they never answer me in a rude or annoyed way. They understand the anxiety and they try to help you feel at ease.


It is honestly the only nursery I trust. They have everything made of wood instead of cheap plastic, even the fruits and veggies the children play with are real not plastic, they take regular trips to the park and fish market to buy new fish for their aquarium, they offer organic food and filtered water.


They do everything perfectly. My child is also allergic but they have immediately eliminated everything that she is allergic to from the menu. They are truly the best!


How likely would you be to recommend Montessori Minds Day Nursery? 


Extremely Likely

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